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A pioneer in Organic Beauty in India, Nandita’s is here to let you in on Mother Nature’s secret: Everlasting Beauty. The key to looking and feeling your best lies in going back to your roots, the way Nature intended. At Nandita’s, we take you there with our certified all-organic products, lovingly brought to life by the fusion of virginal Himalayan ingredients and the innovation of Science. Nature created us, and it is to Mother Nature we must turn for our needs. Nandita, an aesthetician and hair & beauty expert, understood this fundamental truth, and decided to bring holistic organic healing back from India’s mystical past to an age that is drowning in chemicals. This brainchild evolved into Nandita’s Organic Beauty Boutique. In 2003, our first salon opened its doors to the public. Ever since, we have been striving to bring you closer to your perfect self, naturally.


Nandita’s vast know-how is the fruit of years of research and study. Persistent experimentation with Himalayan flora gave rise to the miraculous potions and remedies that are the pride and joy of Nandita’s Organic Beauty Boutique. Her knowledge is not only the result of self-education, but years of study at prestigious institutions like Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy and the London School of Fashion. Regularly attending seminars and workshops on health and beauty keeps her up-to-date on recent developments in the international world of wellness.

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